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Portfolio Management Services


PMS or Portfolio Management Service is a professional service where qualified and experienced portfolio managers backed by a research team manage equity portfolios on behalf of clients instead of clients managing themselves. Portfolio Management is concerned with allocating assets while downsizing risk. Most importantly it is about matching goals to outcomes. This requires an analysis of the potentials and pitfalls related with the various options available to an investor. Portfolio management is a boon for investing as the selection caters to the individual's financial goals. It provides a strategy and a solution based on the need and suggests the best route that an investor should take.


Our robust research aids our esteemed customers to choose from a wide array of PMS Strategies offered by various AMCs. Add to this, our well trained colleagues who help you in identifying your financial goals & suggest the right fit.


Premium investment vehicle for consistent returns

Portfolio Management Service offers professional management of investments with an aim to deliver superior risk adjusted returns. It also saves clients from all monitoring hassles with regular reviews and risk management. All this makes it an ideal investment avenue for high net worth investors.

Professionally managed quality portfolio

The portfolio is managed by seasoned professionals who have considerable experience in equity markets. They manage the portfolio adhering to the strategy communicated to the clients.

Diversification of risk

Since the stock market is uncertain and volatile at times, investment in PMS will look to diversify the risk and thereby reduce the impact of adverse events on the portfolio

Scope for higher risk adjusted returns

As PMS usually have concentrated stock portfolio, it has better chance to generate superior returns over the underlying index, especially if the portfolio is recalibrated to compensate the market volatility